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  Remembering Finn 12/22/2022

I lost my 3 month old kitten last Dec 22, 2022 to head trauma issues I couldn’t afford the testing to see what was wrong so I made the hard choice and had him put down knowing it was the best choice for my sweet baby who I rescued from Ruff Start Reduce not even 3 weeks before at the rescue he was known as Cider but to me he will always be my sweet loveable Finnegan aka Finn Sr.


Remembering Georgia

“In memory of the sweetest and sassiest tabico gone way, way too soon. We miss your kisses and snuggles.”     – Beth and Erik Pitchford




Remembering Bella

“Bella will be dearly missed, she was loved by all. We were blessed to of had 9 of the best years with her. Her fur buddy Toby really misses her. He looks for her everyday. I want to thank everyone at Southview Animal Hospital for making this hard transition for our family and making it so much easier. With all your love and care you gave Bella to send Bella off with the fur angels in such a loving and peaceful manner to the gates heaven.”     – Peterson Family






Remembering Duke

“Duke was the sweetest little dude, he always knew how to cheer me up. He loved laying under my hoodies while I watch tv and roaming around the house. He stole my whole families heart and will be truly missed.”     – Sophia Winters






Remembering Oscar

“Oscar we will miss you forever and always.

Oscar spent many hours running on his wheel and playing in his ball pit. During the summer he joined us on all our camping trips where he got to roam and explore.

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Dr. LaMotte for all the time she spent on the phone answering our questions and her assistance in taking such great care of Oscar.”     – Shane Fertig

Remembering Max

“Max was goofy/kind to other animals and always loved his favorite snack tortillas:) He loved walks by the lake and sometimes swam for a bit:) Max will be missed by everyone including his best pal Mochi the cat💗”     – Geydy Lucas Valentin






Remembering Wen

“Wen was a very special little guy. He was with me through my worst times and cheered me up when I was sad. I will always love my little Wen and will forever hold a special place in my heart.”     – Jessica Gomez






Remembering Milo

“We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Milo 😔Our hearts are broken beyond measure 💔💔💔 We miss him immensely. He was our soulmate and imbedded into our everyday lives for 15 years. Life will never be the same without him…our hearts will always have that missing link.

Milo was the sweetest, most loving dog ❤️ He was so so so special and we were so blessed he choose us. He loved to shower us with hugs, kisses, and lots of cuddles. He was extremely intelligent. I always called him our human dog. He would truly understand everything we said. He would stare deep into our eyes. He loved us so much. He gave us 15 years of unconditional love. He was so fun, funny, smart, and the sweetest. He was our best friend…our sweet boy…our baby. ❤️❤️❤️

We adopted him from Last Hope in November of 2006. We were not even looking that seriously to get a dog but when I laid eyes on him it was love at first site. We had an immediate bond. It’s like he was made just for us. We brought him home at 6 weeks and he was our sweet boy for 15 years. Milo was the softest dog. His fur was like petting a cloud, a cotton ball. He gave the best hugs and kisses and cuddles 🥰

In his younger years he loved to run and play. He loved chasing the squirrels in the yard. He loved staring out the front window from the top of the couch like a cat. He loved getting company. He would jump all over and give kisses to anyone that walked in the door. If you were coming over you knew you were getting tons of Milo kisses. He loved car rides. Especially to Grandma’s. He loved when great grandma and Gary would babysit him. He loved laying in his sun spot and hiding behind the couch. He loved playing with his toys. But most of all he just loved being with us ❤️

In his senior years he loved roaming the yard and sniffing the air. Slow walks and wagon rides. As life slowed down for him he just gave us more love and kisses. He still loved pulling his toys out of his toy box. He loved begging for treats every night. Lots of them lol. He turned into a treat monster in his old age. But he was too cute to resist so he got whatever he wanted 🥰 He loved opening presents on his Birthday and Christmas. But again most of all he just loved being with us. And loving us. And we loved loving him. We was our whole world ❤️

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Steffes and all the staff at Southview for taking such great care of Milo. He always loved seeing everyone and giving kisses. I’m forever grateful for your care and kindness to our sweet boy.

Our grief right now is beyond words. The pain of him not being here takes our breath away. But we find peace knowing he is no longer in pain and chasing the squirrels in heaven. Happy and healthy and getting loved from all of our loved ones who have passed. We know we will all be reunited one day. Please pray for Jeff and I that our broken hearts will heal 💔😢

Milo…our sweet boy….thank you for loving us, watching over us, teaching us lessons, making us smile and laugh every single day. Giving us the best greetings full of love every time we came home. You completed our little family. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. These last 15 years with you were the best. We will miss you so much. Your kisses and cuddles. I will miss you staring at me with your beautiful brown eyes. And barking I love you. We will miss you begging for treats. And I especially will miss spooning you in bed. We love you so much sweet boy. We miss you. When it’s our time you be waiting for us with lots of kisses. We will never forget you. We will love you forever…and you will forever be our sweet boy. Rest In Peace our sweet boy.
Love Mom & Dad ❤️”     – Heidi and Jeff Davis

Remembering Fluff

“I adopted Fluff 16 ½ years ago and she was the most annoying cat that I’ve ever loved. She was always looking for love and affection (there was never such a thing as too much). She’d join my phone calls, trying to say hi to anyone that I was talking to. And since I started working from home last year, she became a familiar face in my video calls. Ironically, the things that were annoying are the things I miss. Even now, I miss her tapping my leg while sitting on the couch so I’d make room for her to jump into my lap, or curling up between me and my keyboard. But she was a constant companion, following me outside to watch the birds.

She recently developed thyroid issues that was followed by kidney disease, which landed us at the clinic a few times. I had to say goodbye to her last month and Dr Hudson was there to help Fluff on her way. Dr Hudson had never met Fluff before, but took a moment to get to know her a little bit and she was so wonderful in making one of the hardest decisions I had to make for Fluff a little more Okay. Thanks also to Drs Lee, Ford-Bonnema, and Ruddle for all the help they gave to Fluff in the past few years and months so she could have the healthiest life she could.”     – Aimee Burk

Remembering Gixr (Gixie Cat)

Gix, you were the sweetest kitty, even if it wasn’t on your terms. Life is a little quieter and more empty without your snuggles. I’m glad we could be there until the end for you. Until we meet again.”     – The Suskis




Remembering Pumpkin

Pumpkin was rescued from an extremely toxic living environment. Shy at first, she and some of the other dogs, had to be rehabilitated before they could be adopted out. We fell in love with Pumpkin because of her cute face, but little did we know, she would become the most loyal dog we had ever met. Pumpkin quickly bonded with her new mom and decided to never leave her side. Later, when our daughter was born, we were concerned as to how Pumpkin would be around infants, having never been around them before. Soon she earned the nickname “Mother Pumpkin” for keeping a constant watch over her. As our daughter grew older and more curious of this furry companion, Pumpkin was extremely tolerant of our daughter learning how to care for a dog. Now, we have dozens of photos of the two of them snuggled up in bed together.

We always knew we wanted a dog, but we never expected one as perfect as Pumpkin. She was the greatest thing to happen to our family, and we were blessed to be able to give her a happy pup life.”     – David and Stephanie Surine


Remembering Julip

I am a cat foster and ended up fostering Julip before I adopted her. I found out that Dr. Christy Lee actually had her first as a foster and bottle fed her. Due to circumstances, Julip got FELV. Over the course of her short life, she fought hard to live through several vet stays, lasting several days where she was isolated because of the FELV and all those times I thought I would lose her, but Dr. Lee would not give up and she pulled through 3 times from almost dying. We used to joke that the new clinic should have a wing named after her! Julip was a happy, funny and sassy girl. She’d do what I called her ‘happy dance’ by wiggling her butt standing in front of me. She did not like her medicine and would do what I called the pancake move by lying flat on the ground. You’d think it wouldn’t be easy since she was a bit of a round kitty!! When Julip got sick the last time, it was something that long vet stays would not fix. With the guidance of Dr. Lee, I let Julip go. She was only 4 years old, but I am thankful and truly blessed that I had this wonderful, beautiful creature in my life. The people at Southview were so wonderful during this time and helped Julip and me through it. I can’t thank them enough. I’ve included the picture I took of Dr. Lee holding Julip during one of her vet visits. I think this was taken the day she came home with me, healthy and happy. I wish to remember her this way.”     – Yvonne  Graf

Remembering Winston

You were way too young to leave us. We will miss you everyday – until we meet again. Love you forever.”     – Jody Goers

Remembering Jack

It’s been over a year since we lost Jack. Can never be replaced. Missed every day. Thank you for your continued care for all of our pets, past and present.”     – Christine Wiederich





Remembering Prince

“October 28, 2018 I brought home my Prince. Not once have I bonded with any animal as strong as my love for him. A cat that claimed his pillow next to me faithfully every night, and was there through my depression, and was my only reason to keep going forward and push myself to give him the best life full of nothing but happiness and love. He was always talking and making purring grunts following me everywhere I went, and he was very firm with his actions and voice to show what he wants. Always playful and I’m pretty sure invented the word cuddles. First cat I’ve known with the most gentlest innocent soul. Not a mean bone in his body. One decision of a simple neutering procedure gone wrong, a rare case which changed my life forever. Thanks to everyone there who showed their compassion and were by my side and did what they could. ❤”     – Liz Vazquez


Remembering Lily

“Thanks for taking such good care of our baby and making her comfortable.”     – Kristin Heyworth



Remembering Shadow

“My sweet boy. I can still hear your feet on the hardwood floors. Sometimes I swear I can hear you bark. You are missed by everyone, including the cats. There was never a dog loved more. I miss you every day, my Shadow.”     – Lisabeth Byrne



Remembering Misty

Thank you to Dr. Kelm, Dr. Masselink, and Vet Tech Sarah T. for their compassionate care of Misty and our family. On Tuesday Dr. Kelm talked us through the tests, cancer diagnosis and our options. She did so with sincere caring for us and Misty. On Friday Dr. Masselink and Sarah handled the at home euthanasia. They said the right words, gave us the time we needed and cared tenderly for Misty. We so appreciate how Drs. Kelm and Masselink and Vet Tech Sarah helped us through a difficult time and most importantly how they cared for our beloved Misty. They are truly caring professionals.”     – Mark and Michele Stephan

Remembering Bugsy

Thank you for helping us with Bugsy. He was a very loved guinea pig and we all miss him dearly. He was one of the best cuddlers!”     – Caroline Solseth


Remembering Jinx

The sassiest cat, thank you for growing up with me. And special thanks to everyone at Southview Animal Hospital for taking care of her.”     – Sofia Garcia





Remembering Mikaliki (Kali)

Kali, you were one of a kind and the most wonderful cat I’ve ever met. So sweet and caring and always there for us. I’m glad we could be there until the end for you. Until we meet again.”     – The Suskis





Remembering Max

My sweet sweet Max, you left us too soon and so unexpectedly, 2 years was not nearly enough time. We loved you more than our hearts could hold. You made our lives happier. You are so extremely missed. Our hearts will forever be incomplete, you took a piece of them when you left. Max, our baby, our whole world…. we will love you forever.”     – Mario and Darlenne





Remembering Lacey

Lacey came into my life in 2003 when she weighed a mere 2 pounds. She was with me for the next 14 1/2 years until her heart just couldn’t keep up with her spirit any longer. I will always treasure Lacey and the years that we had together… so many, many memories. She was at my side through so many things in my life. I love you Lacey girl and miss you every day.”     – Wanda Lorsung

Remembering Shep

“Shep was a great family dog. We will miss him deeply . Thank you Southview Animal Hospital for everything.”     – Andrew Simon




Remembering Bing

Thank you to all the staff that provided a courteous, professional, and respectful experience when we made the difficult choice to put down our 14 year old Irish Setter, Bing, to prevent him from suffering from his declining health. The services and experience you provided made an incredibly difficult situation a little bit easier to bear as we knew he was in good hands.”     – Jeremy and Nicole Johnson

Remembering Lucky

Thanks for taking such great care of our beloved dog.”     – Eric & Heidi Satre