As a client, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with consideration, respect and compassion by all members of our staff.
  • Discuss your pet’s health care needs in confidence with our knowledgeable staff.
  • Participate in your pet’s health care by making informed decisions.
  • Receive accurate information and thorough explanation of your pet’s health conditions and treatment options.
  • Accept or decline diagnostic testing or treatment(s) for your animal(s) and the right to be informed of the consequences of refusing said diagnostic(s) or treatment(s).
  • Be informed of costs associated with your pet’s examination, diagnostics and treatments.
  • An explanation of Southview Animal Hospital’s policies, including payment policies.
  • A fair, fast and objective review of any complaint submitted to Southview Animal Hospital management.

As a client, you are responsible for:

  • Maintaining respectful behavior (including voice & language) towards other clients and hospital personnel.
  • Reading and understanding our client code of conduct and being conscious of the consequences for disorderly conduct.
  • Abiding by administrative and operational policies, including leash/carrier requirements, payment and appointment scheduling & cancellation policies.
  • Disclosing accurate and complete information about your animal(s) health and medical history, including behavioral issues that may affect the safety of other patients or hospital personnel.
  • Asking questions if you don’t understand.
  • Recognizing the reality of risks and limits of the science of veterinary medical care.
  • Reading and understanding any consent forms and/or estimates that you sign.
  • Maintaining the awareness of Southview Animal Hospital’s obligation to provide timely, equitable care to other patients.
  • Meeting financial obligations.