CT Scans

CT scanning (Computed Tomography) is an advanced medical tool that is not commonly available in veterinary practices, but is available at Southview Animal Hospital!  CT images are made by rotating an X-ray tube around an animal while multiple exposures are recorded on an array of X-ray detectors.  The X-ray beam is narrow, transversing a very small volume or “slice” of tissue as it moves through an arc of 360º. A slice thickness is generally 2-5 mm. A computer processes, digitizes, and stores the electrical signal.  A series of images is created which can then be evaluated by the doctor. Our CT scanner allows the doctor to rotate the computer generated image in 3D, allowing for a complete view of the scanned area.

Southview Animal Hospital is pleased to offer in-house CT scanning. The advanced computer systems allow for scans to be completed quickly.  CT has much greater resolution than plain radiography or ultrasound and therefore, is an important tool for diagnosing and staging diseases.  We are often able to detect disease on CT that is not visible on ultrasound or plain radiographs, thereby improving our diagnostic accuracy.

For most pets, general anesthesia is required for a CTscan, as the patient must remain absolutely still during the entire procedure. For more information, please give us a call. 651-455-2258

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