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Remembering Milo

Milo laying outside in the grass

Remembering Milo

“We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Milo 😔Our hearts are broken beyond measure 💔💔💔 We miss him immensely. He was our soulmate and imbedded into our everyday lives for 15 years. Life will never be the same without him…our hearts will always have that missing link.

Milo was the sweetest, most loving dog ❤️ He was so so so special and we were so blessed he choose us. He loved to shower us with hugs, kisses, and lots of cuddles. He was extremely intelligent. I always called him our human dog. He would truly understand everything we said. He would stare deep into our eyes. He loved us so much. He gave us 15 years of unconditional love. He was so fun, funny, smart, and the sweetest. He was our best friend…our sweet boy…our baby. ❤️❤️❤️

We adopted him from Last Hope in November of 2006. We were not even looking that seriously to get a dog but when I laid eyes on him it was love at first site. We had an immediate bond. It’s like he was made just for us. We brought him home at 6 weeks and he was our sweet boy for 15 years. Milo was the softest dog. His fur was like petting a cloud, a cotton ball. He gave the best hugs and kisses and cuddles 🥰

In his younger years he loved to run and play. He loved chasing the squirrels in the yard. He loved staring out the front window from the top of the couch like a cat. He loved getting company. He would jump all over and give kisses to anyone that walked in the door. If you were coming over you knew you were getting tons of Milo kisses. He loved car rides. Especially to Grandma’s. He loved when great grandma and Gary would babysit him. He loved laying in his sun spot and hiding behind the couch. He loved playing with his toys. But most of all he just loved being with us ❤️

In his senior years he loved roaming the yard and sniffing the air. Slow walks and wagon rides. As life slowed down for him he just gave us more love and kisses. He still loved pulling his toys out of his toy box. He loved begging for treats every night. Lots of them lol. He turned into a treat monster in his old age. But he was too cute to resist so he got whatever he wanted 🥰 He loved opening presents on his Birthday and Christmas. But again most of all he just loved being with us. And loving us. And we loved loving him. We was our whole world ❤️

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Steffes and all the staff at Southview for taking such great care of Milo. He always loved seeing everyone and giving kisses. I’m forever grateful for your care and kindness to our sweet boy.

Our grief right now is beyond words. The pain of him not being here takes our breath away. But we find peace knowing he is no longer in pain and chasing the squirrels in heaven. Happy and healthy and getting loved from all of our loved ones who have passed. We know we will all be reunited one day. Please pray for Jeff and I that our broken hearts will heal 💔😢

Milo…our sweet boy….thank you for loving us, watching over us, teaching us lessons, making us smile and laugh every single day. Giving us the best greetings full of love every time we came home. You completed our little family. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. These last 15 years with you were the best. We will miss you so much. Your kisses and cuddles. I will miss you staring at me with your beautiful brown eyes. And barking I love you. We will miss you begging for treats. And I especially will miss spooning you in bed. We love you so much sweet boy. We miss you. When it’s our time you be waiting for us with lots of kisses. We will never forget you. We will love you forever…and you will forever be our sweet boy. Rest In Peace our sweet boy. Love Mom & Dad ❤️”     – Heidi and Jeff Davis“We had to say goo